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Latest version

The latest version is http-analyze 2.4pl4 (statically linked with GDlib 2.0.33, PNGlib 1.2.8 and zlib 1.2.3).

HTTP-ANALYZE for Unix systems

The Unix distributions of http-analyze include full language support in English, German, French, Russian*), Italian and Brazilian (Portugese) language.

English English German French Russian Italian Brazilian

*) The Russian message catalog is included in the official distribution since patchlevel 3. Message catalogs are also available for registered customers through our Commercial Support Site.

To install http-analyze download the appropriate package for your platform as listed below. Please help to save bandwidth and download only the package which you actually need. We offer installable packages currently only for GNU/Linux, SGI IRIX and Solaris 2.6. The TAR archives for Solaris 2.5 and AIX 4.2 each contain a binary, which can be installed by running an installation script included in the distribution. For other platforms please use the source distribution to generate a binary.

NOTE: If you have problems logging into the FTP server by using any of the links below, please send an email.

http-analyze 2.4 PNG version
Platform Patchlevel Format Please download
only one file
SGI IRIX 6.5 New! 4 TARDIST Install / Save to disk
SGI IRIX 5.3/6.2 3 TARDIST Install / Save to disk
SuSE Linux 10.0 New! 4 RPM package i586
SuSE Linux 8.0 3 RPM package i386
SuSE Linux 7.3 3 RPM package PPC
SuSE Linux 7.2 3 RPM package i386
RedHat Linux 6.1 3 RPM package i386 |  usparc
Debian/GNU Linux 3 Debian package i386
Linux for S/390 (Think Blue 7.1) 3 RPM package s390
Sun SPARC Solaris 2.6 3 PKG package Install
Sun SPARC Solaris 2.5/2.6 3 TAR archive Save to disk
Macintosh OS X 3 TAR archive Save to disk
Compaq Tru64 UNIX v4.0F 3 TAR archive Save to disk
FreeBSD 3.2/4.4 3 TAR archive Save to disk
MIPS Cobalt Linux 3 TAR archive Save to disk
Currently without Multi National Language Support (MNLS)
3 TAR archive Save to disk

After downloading the package, login to root and install the software according to the scheme of your installer.

On IRIX systems clicking on "Install" will automatically launch swmgr. Alternatively you can download the TARDIST archive, unpack the files in some directory with tar and manually start swmgr (or inst on non-graphic systems):

# mkdir http-analyze
# cd http-analyze
# tar xof ../http-analyze2.4-mips-irix.tar
# swmgr -f .
If swmgr comes up, press Start to start the automatic installation.

On Linux systems use rpm:

# rpm -i
or after downloading the RPM package:
# rpm -i http-analyze-2.4-1suse100.i586.rpm

For the plain TAR archives, use the command:

gzip -d <http-analyze2.4-platform.tar.gz | tar xvof -
or with GNU tar:
tar xvzf http-analyze2.4-platform.tar.gz

to unpack the files, where platform is the operating system type. For instructions how to test-run and set up the software see the instructions in the file INSTALL (also available online).

HTTP-ANALYZE for Windows

For Windows 95/98/NT please use the Windows port of http-analyze 2.4 by Andre Schild. Note that this is a Win32 console application.
ZIP-compressed setup utility (1,480 KB)

Download the zip'ed archive and extract the files somewhere. Click on setup.exe to install the analyzer. To set up an analyzer configuration and create a statistics report, see the documentation of the Unix version. Open a DOS console window, change into the directory where you installed http-analyze and type the commands shown in the Examples section of the manual. Except for the slashes ('/') in filenames, which must be backslashes ('\') on Windows systems, there are no differences in basic usage between the Windows and the Unix versions.

Open Source

HTTP-ANALYZE source code

The source distribution of http-analyze is also available for platforms not listed above. Please do not download the source distribution unless you really want to re-compile http-analyze for yourself for whatever reasons.

Source Code of http-analyze 2.4.3
Source distribution of http-analyze 2.4.3 (1,2 MB)
Patch 4 (Shift-click to save)
Patch to upgrade http-analyze 2.4.3 to version 2.4.4 (3 KB). Updates list of top-level domains (file TLD), updates links with the new web-site's address, fixes a name-clashing conflict and a minor bugs in the Makefile.

As usual, the distribution comes in gzip'ed Unix TAR format. Unpack the files, apply the latest patches, define the platform to compile for and run make. See the accompanying documentation for more information on how to define the compilation environment and to test and install the executable.

To successfully compile http-analyze from the sources, you need also the GD Graphics Library, the PNG library and the zlib library. Please download the latest versions of the required libraries from their official sites.


Register your copy

Please register! In the evaluation copy of http-analyze available at our FTP archive, an "unregistered version" button appears in the statistics report. To replace this button with a Netstore logo, you have to register your copy of the analyzer. Registration of the software is necessary even for the free (»personal«) version to ensure that you did took notice of the license terms under which the software is made available to you.



You can use the following buttons (PNG format, 114x42 pixels) on your homepage to inform your users that you generate statistics of your server with http-analyze. Save them using the Save Image As ... function of your browser. The buttons are also included in the distribution, see the subdirectory files.

Logo HTML-Code
http-analyze 2.4
<A href=">
<img src="ha2.4_white.png" alt="Download http-analyze2.4"
 width="114" height="42" border="0"></a>
http-analyze 2.4
<a href=">
<img src="ha2.4_black.png" alt="Download http-analyze2.4"
 width="114" height="42" border="0"></a>

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