To add new top-level domains to http-analyze, just install an up-to-date TLD file. Since release of http-analyze 2.4, some country domains have been changed and the new generic top-level-domains .asia, .tel and .travel have been added. See our List of Top-Level-Domains for more information.


Developement of http-analyze started in 1996 as a statistics tool for the former website, which was built by RENT-A-GURU®. Since other partners and customers also requested a server statistics tool, the first public version of http-analyze numbered 1.9 appeared in early 1997 and has been replaced since then by 2.5 today. http-analyze reached a high quality standard and reliable long-term operation on servers with just one website as well as on huge website farms.

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Statistics report FAQ

  1. What are hits? What are 304's? How do they relate to the number of visitors my site receives?
    Please see the section Interpretation of the Results in the Reference Manual for a description of the terms used in the statistics report. We have also a rather non-technical description on our web site, which explains why it is technically impossible to count visitors by analyzing the logfile of a web server.
  2. We are a client of »some web space provider«. Our statistics have not been updated since two weeks now! Please update our statistics as soon as possible.
    Sorry, we can't help you. Your provider just uses our software to create the statistics for your web site. He/She is the only one who could update the statistics reports. Note that we don't do statistics for third parties. We can't help you, since only your provider can change settings or run programs on their system.
  3. My graph has gone crazy and I don't know why! The representation indicates 200.000 hits in June while the actual number is lower than 50.000!
    http-analyze interpolates the numbers, so you actually see the number of hits your site will probably reach this month. This can lead to an unexpected raise or fall of the graph in the statistics at the beginning of a month. After two or three more days, the graph should reflect more accurate values. To switch off interpolation, use the Suppress directive in the configuration file.
  4. There is a small bug on the summary page of the months (for example, Totals for January 1999), the graphics bars are not correct, On one graphic you have : 'Total hits' and 'Total files' (they are not separated), the second one also, etc... Do you have a solution for that?
    This is no bug indeed. The first (green) bar represents the total hits (100%). The remaining three bars (blue, yellow, red) stand for OK (Code 200), NotModified (Code 304), and all other responses, whose sum must be equal to the number of total hits. So the three bars are concatenated to match the upper bar (total hits).
  5. How can I add the new generic Top-Level-Domains (gTLDs) so that http-analyze recognizes them?
    By default, http-analyze uses a built-in list to translate the Top-Level-Domains into country names. However, if a file named TLD exists in the HA_LIBDIR directory (by default: /usr/local/lib/http-analyze), then http-analyze reads the Top-Level-Domains and names from this file. To add new TLDs such as aero (Air transport), biz (Business) etc. download this sample file and install it under the name /usr/local/lib/http-analyze/TLD. See the List of Top-Level-Domains for more information.
  6. Are there any plans to track users on their way through the web site?
    No. Since access log data is anonymuous, tracking of users isn't possible at all. You could follow the way a certain host takes through your web site by extracting the appropriate entries from the raw logfile data, but this does not tell you anything about the users.
  7. But there must be a way to count visitors, right? Other programs can do that!
    Ok, I will disclose the trick to count visitors in http-analyze, but this is for your eyes only: Sum up the values for pageviews and for sessions, then divide by two and multiply by 10 (or by 5 if it's a rainy day) to get the estimated number of visitors.

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