http-analyze is available through our web site for evaluation purposes. In the evaluation version an "unregistered version" button will show up in the statistics report. To replace this button with the Netstore® logo of the free version for personal and educational use, just click on the "unregistered version" button to follow the link to our online registration form on our web site and register for a free, non-commercial version.


After registration you will receive a registration ID and two registration images as replacements for the "unregistered version" button by email. In the free version, the Netstore® logo, a copyright note and a link to the homepage of http-analyze appears in the statistics report, which must be left intact according to the license under which this software is made available to you.


If you use http-analyze for commercial purposes such as providing statistics services for your customers, you must buy a Commercial Service License available from RENT-A-GURU® and its authorized resellers. You will receive a registration ID and two registration images as replacements for the "unregistered version" button by email from our office.

In the commercial version, the Netstore® logo, the copyright note and the link to the homepage of http-analyze are supressed from the statistics report - except for the logo and copyright note, which appears only once on the main page and inside the navigation frame. On all other pages, your company's name is shown. Additionally, you can add your company's logo to the report using the CustLogoW and CustLogoB directives in the configuration file, which are enabled in the commercial version only. Except for this feature and the individual support for Commercial Service Licensees, both versions of the software have identical functionality.


For all license types, you have to brand your copy of http-analyze with the registration ID and the registration images. The registration ID may be set either in a system-wide file (usually /usr/local/lib/http-analyze/REGID) or via the RegInfo directives in an analyzer configuration file. The latter method requires specification of the configuration file each time http-analyze is invoked. If you create a system-wide registration file, the registration information applies to all virtual servers being analyzed.

To brand the software, detach the registration images (PNG files) we sent to you from the email. After detaching them, there should be two files free-netstore_s[bw].png for the free version and comm-netstore_s[bw].png for the commercial version. Next, define the HA_LIBDIR environment variable if you did choose another directory for the central libdir rather than the default (/usr/local/lib/http-analyze). For example, if you can't become root, you would choose a directory for which you have write permissions, install the analyzer files there and then use the HA_LIBDIR variable to pass its name to http-analyze. Finally, brand the software by executing the following command as root:

# http-analyze -r "Customer Name" regID type
Registration information saved in file `/usr/local/lib/http-analyze/REGID'

where Customer Name is the name of the organization this license is registered for, regID is the registration ID of the license and type is either the keyword free or comm according to the type of the license. Now run the analyzer to have the new buttons appear in the statistics report.

Note that running the analyzer the first time will install or update any older buttons and files in the statistics output directory automatically; there is no need to run some helper application as it was the case in previous versions of http-analyze.