Environment variables might work only in the Unix version of http-analyze.

HA_LIBDIR name of the library directory (default: /usr/local/lib/http-analyze)
HA_CONFIG name of the configuration file for http-analyze (no default)
LANG language to use if XPG4 MNLS support is compiled in (see -V)
HA_LANG language to use if native MNLS support is compiled in (see -V)


The following required files are installed in the library directory as defined by the environment variable HA_LIBDIR or the hard-coded default defined at compile-time. See also the section Output Files for the names of the HTML output files.

btn/*.png buttons files used in the statistics report
TLD list of all top-level-domains
ha2.0_*.png http-analyze logos for your web site (for black and white bg)
logfmt.[cde]lf sample logfiles in CLF, DLF and ELF format
3D* Prolog required files for VRML model


rotate-httpd shell script to rotate the web server's logfiles


Logfile entries must be sorted in chronological order (ascending date) when feed into the analyzer. If http-analyze detects logfile entries from an older month between newer ones, it prints a warning and skips all entries up to the date of the last entry processed. To sort the data from several different logfiles into a chronologically sorted data stream, we provide a utility ha-sort to our Commercial Service Licensees.

To increase response time of web servers, DNS lookups are often disabled. In this case http-analyze does not see any hostname, but only numerical IP addresses. To resolve the IP addresses into hostnames, we provide a very fast DNS resolver ipresolve to our Commercial Service Licensees, which does negative caching and saves all data in a history file.

Please visit our Customer Support Site for more information about the available helper applications.


Copyright © 1996-2000 by Stefan Stapelberg, RENT-A-GURU®

Please see the file LICENSE included in the distribution for the license terms under which this program is made available to you in the free, non-commercial version.

RENT-A-GURU® is a registered trademark of Martin Weitzel, Stefan Stapelberg, and Walter Mecky.
Netstore® is a registered trademark of Stefan Stapelberg.


Thanks to the numeruous users of http-analyze for their valuable feedback. Special thanks to Lars-Owe Ivarsson for his suggestions to optimize the parser algorithm and for the code he provided as an example. Many thanks also to Thomas Boutell for his great GD library for fast image creation, without http-analyze couldn't produce such fancy graphics in the statistics report.