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License types

The following license types are currently available:

  • Personal License: for personal/educational use
  • Commercial Service License: for commercial use
  • Single Site/Unlimited Source License: for OEM's and VAR's

Personal License

Free license for non-commercial (private/educational) use:

  • Allows you to use an unmodified copy of the analyzer to create statistics reports for your web server.
  • Does not include any support other than available through this web site.
  • Does not include the right to alter the look & feel of the statistics report or the right to modify the software other than to get it compiled on a certain platform unless explicitly permitted.
  • Requires to leave the copyright note, the link to the homepage of http-analyze intact, which show up in the statistics report.

Commercial Service License

This license entitles you to use http-analyze on a specific number of systems for commercial purposes such as generating statistics reports for your customers. Different prices are available for different classes of installations. Previously the licenses were bound to a system running one or more web servers. A second (physical) system required a new license. This had some drawbacks for companies with two web servers on two separate systems compared to a web service provider, which serves hundreds of customers on one multi-processor system. Therefore we have a new licensing model with several categories as described under »Prices«.

  • Includes the right to customize the statistics reports using configuration settings available only for commercial licensees.
  • Includes one-year email support from the date of purchase on and the opportunity to renew the support contract during this time for a reduced fee.
  • Includes online support through a private »Knowledge Base« on our Customer Support Site.

Single Site/Unlimited Source License

Sometimes companies require to not only be able to customize the statistics report, but completely change the »look & feel« of the report or even the functionality of the program. An example is integration of http-analyze in a web control panel by changing the HTML code the software produces. For those customers, we offer a Source License without (Single Site) and with (Unlimited) the right to re-distribute the resulting binaries to third parties.



This are the current prices for the different license types (customers in Germany and inside the EU add 16% VAT taxes), valid from July 1st, 2003 on. Please note that the prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are in Euro. To convert the prices into your national currency, please use The Universal Currency Converter™. As for the per-CPU prices, CPU is a separate, physical system regardless of the number of processors or the number of virtual servers running on it.

¹ For legal reasons and to avoid increased handling fees, payments must be made in EURO (EUR). This is no problem for your bank. If you want to pay by credit card, you can do so through PayPal, which automatically uses Euro as the primary currency for those transactions. If you prefer to pay in your native currency, we must charge an additional fee of 3.5% to cover the exchange and handling fees. To avoid this extra cost, please instruct your bank to cover all exchange and handling fees from your end.
License type License fee
including one year support

(price in Euro)
Support renewal
for one more year

(price in Euro)
Personal License free n/a
Commercial Service License for 1 CPU (per CPU)
Commercial Service License for 2-5 CPUs (per CPU)
Unlimited Commercial Service License (one-time fee)
360 EURO
320 EURO
1,800 EURO
160 EURO
160 EURO
800 EURO
Single Site Source License
Unlimited Source License
available on request

Ordering and

Ordering and registration

A Commercial Service License can be ordered exclusively through this online order form (see the registration page for more information).
Important: Please do not use the order form enclosed with the software. They are not accepted anymore. Only use this online order form!
After receipt of the order we will send you the invoice by email. As soon as we have received your payment, we will send the registration information, the CDROM and a printed manual by postal mail.

The Personal License requires acceptance of the license under which the software is made available to you and branding of the software with a general key. See the registration page for more information.

To order any other type of license, please contact our office for a quote.

Licensing FAQ

Who must license the analyzer and why?

Web service or presence providers, who whish to offer commercial statistics service to their clients, and companies using http-analyze to generate statistics for their Internet or Intranet web server(s) must buy a Commercial Service License. Private and educational organizations may use the analyzer for free if they register for a Personal License.

Registration is needed to restrict support and other services to commercial customers only, while on the other side the software itself should remain basically free, since http-analyze wouldn't exist without free access to other software. Being one of the first companies, which distributes its commercial product in source form on the Internet, we are convinced that this - maybe unusual, but very successful - way will become more and more common in the future.

What kind of license do I require?

That depends on what you want to do with the software:

  • A Personal License entitles you to use the unaltered, unmodified software to create statistics reports on your own web server, provided that no commercial profit is gained by doing so. This applies to all private persons, eductional institutions, and non-profit organizations.
  • A Commercial Service License entitles you to use the unaltered, unmodified software to create statistics reports for your commercial web servers on a certain number of physical systems (CPUs) owned by your organization. It includes premium email support, automatic updates and the right to customize the statistics report using the appropriate configuration settings.
  • A Single Site Source License entitles you to completely change the code and functionality of http-analyze as well as the »look & feel« of the statistics reports for use on all your systems at a certain location.
  • An Unlimited Source License grants you the right to sell or lease the resulting binaries of such a modified version to third parties.

What if I do not buy a license and use the SW in a commercial manner?

The registration of http-analyze for commercial use is done on a honor base. People supporting our developement by buying a license will receive premium support both through our web site and - for a limited one-year period from the date of purchase on - by email. There are sometimes provider who not only use our software for free, but also send their customers to us if they have any question about the analyzer or its reports. Although this was never supported, we did answer most emails in the past. With the introduction of the Commercial Service License, we will answer only those questions from registered customers. This is just because support and developement have become a full-time job and the costs for the web server and downloads are causing costs of some hundreds bucks per month.

If you do not need support and you accept our Copyright note and the hypertext link to the homepage of http-analyze in the statistics reports, you can use the analyzer for free, provided that you register for a Personal License.

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