To add new top-level domains to http-analyze, just install an up-to-date TLD file. Since release of http-analyze 2.4, some country domains have been changed and the new generic top-level-domains .asia, .tel and .travel have been added. See our List of Top-Level-Domains for more information.


Developement of http-analyze started in 1996 as a statistics tool for the former website, which was built by RENT-A-GURU®. Since other partners and customers also requested a server statistics tool, the first public version of http-analyze numbered 1.9 appeared in early 1997 and has been replaced since then by 2.5 today. http-analyze reached a high quality standard and reliable long-term operation on servers with just one website as well as on huge website farms.

Here are some screenshots of statistics reports and some sample reports.


The following screenshots show the different report styles, which are created byhttp-analyze. Although the look & feel has changed over the time, there were always different user interfaces suitable for any browser, whether or not it supports frames or JavaScript. With a VRML-enabled browser you can even view your statistics report in 3D-format!

Statistics report by http-analyze 2.5
This screenshots of the http-analyze 2.5 statistics report show the three different levels of detail and the available user interfaces.

Statistics report by http-analyze 2.4

Statistics report by http-analyze 2.4
This screenshots of the http-analyze 2.4 statistics report show the three different levels of detail.

3Dstats (VRML) view of the statistics report

3Dstats (VRML) view of the statistics report
Here are some images from the VRML yearly and monthly models. Each monthly model is an own world and can be viewed directly. All models for a year are embedded in the yearly model. Somewhere in the models there is a Buddha sitting around. Make sure you touch him, something unexpected will happen.

Sample reports

The following statistics reports are of the former Netstore web site and the current RENT-A-GURU® web site. Please read the guide to the statistics report to be able to interpret the data before looking at the live reports.

  • This page is the start page of the statistics report from 1996 until today.
    The data before 2003 has been compiled using http-analyze 2.4 and from 2003 on using http-analyze 2.5.
  • This report for 2002 shows the frames-based UI of http-analyze 2.4.
  • This report for 2007 has been created by http-analyze 2.5.
  • This report is also for 2007, but the alternative user interface avoids frames.
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    All reports by http-analyze 2.5 are fully XHTML 1.0 compliant.

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