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Current status

As of May 1th, 2004 http-analyze 2.5 is currently in beta phase. We're still testing, but have completed almost all steps on our TODO list. See below for more information.

New features

http-analyze 2.5 has several new features and enhancements, which are already implemented:

  • http-analyze 2.5 reads logfiles in gzip'ed format directly without performance degration compared to processing of raw logfiles.
  • ipresolve and ha-sort (two helper utilities formerly only available to commercial service licensees) are now included in the distribution. They share the the high-performance parser of http-analyze to process gzip'ed logfiles directly.
  • A lockfile is used to prevent two http-analyze processes running at the same time on the same statistics directory.
  • For several directives used for pattern matching, http-analyze 2.5 supports POSIX regular expressions.
  • For better customization, http-analyze 2.5 supports CSS style sheets in the statistics report.
  • The HTML-Code has been cleaned up to conform to the HTML 4.01 specification. Many thanks to Michael Ofner!
  • Arrows in the tables show tendencies in statistics data (like in stock-tickers).
  • In the Hits by Day list, the names of the days have been added.
  • Not Found responses are summarized in an overview list.
  • Authorized requests are summarized in an (optional) overview list.
  • Supports GNU gettext language catalogs. The .po files are generated automatically from the X/Open .str files.
  • The message catalogs for english, german and french language have been updated. Thanks to Mickael Sebban and Marie Thiriet for the french language version!
  • Automatically categorize URLs, hostnames, referrer URLs and browser-types more exactly. Uses an improved algorithm which requires fewer lookups than the previous version.
  • Top-level-domains up to six characters are compressed into 32 bit to speed up the table lookup.
  • Non-critical error messages are displayed only in verbose mode (option -v) to not generate unnecessary mails to the owner of a cron job executing http-analyze.
  • A new option allows to create a HTML page lastrun.html in the statistics report, which summarizes the actions of the last run of http-analyze 2.5, the time needed to create the report and performance hints about directives never used to match a string.
  • The built-in list of top-level-domains has been updated.
  • Several non-critical bugs have been fixed.
  • Still T.B.D:

  • Update HTML documentation, web-site etc.
  • Update manpage from 2.4 to 2.5.
  • Support for multiple files for the detailed lists.
  • Add an URL view sorted by vhosts and a top keyword overview.
  • Update of the existing message catalogs in italian, portugese and russian language (any volunteers?).

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