The following statistics reports are of the former Netstore web site and of the current RENT-A-GURU® web site. For interpretation of the data from the reports please first read the guide to the statistics report.

  • This page is the start page of the statistics report from 1996 until today.
    The data before 2003 has been compiled using http-analyze 2.4 and from 2003 on using http-analyze 2.5.
  • This report for 2002 shows the frames-based user interface of http-analyze 2.4.
  • This report for 2007 has been created by http-analyze 2.5.
  • This report is also for 2007, but the alternative user interface avoids frames.
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    All reports by http-analyze 2.5 are fully XHTML 1.0 compliant.

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