To add new top-level domains to http-analyze, just install an up-to-date TLD file. Since release of http-analyze 2.4, some country domains have been changed and the new generic top-level-domains .asia, .tel and .travel have been added. See our List of Top-Level-Domains for more information.


The developement of http-analyze started in 1996 as a statistics tool for the former website, which was built by RENT-A-GURU™. Since other partners and customers also requested a server statistics tool, the first public version of http-analyze numbered 1.9 appeared in early 1997 and has been replaced since then by 2.5 today. http-analyze reached a high quality standard and reliable long-term operation on servers with just one website as well as on huge website farms.

Latest version

The latest available version is http-analyze 2.4pl4 (statically linked with libGD 2.0.33, libPNG 1.2.8 and zlib 1.2.3).

License for personal (unsupported) use

Use of http-analyze according to the terms set forth in the Personal License is free if no support or technical assistance is needed. Download and use of this software implies that you accept the license terms.

New Top-Level-Domain list for http-analyze 2.4 and older

To have http-analyze 2.4 (and older) recognize the new top-level-domains (TLDs) you must install an up-to-date TLD file, which can be downloaded here.

Software downloads

To install http-analyze download the appropriate package for your platform as listed below. Please help to save bandwidth and download only the package which you actually need. We offer installable packages for commonly used platforms such as GNU/Linux and SGI IRIX. For other platforms there are TAR archives including an installation shell script. For all remaining platforms use the source code distribution of http-analyze to generate a binary or contact us.

Executable for platform/OS Version Format Download MD5 Checksum
SGI IRIX 6.5 / N32 mips3 2.4.4 inst Install MD5 checksum
SuSE, Red Hat, Fedora Core, Mandriva 2.4.4 rpm Install MD5 checksum
Debian, Ubuntu, Ark GNU/Linux (i386) 2.4.3 dpkg Save to disk MD5 checksum
Linux for S/390 (Think Blue 7.1) 2.4.3 rpm Install MD5 checksum
FreeBSD 3.2/4.4 2.4.3 tar Save to disk MD5 checksum
MIPS Cobalt Linux 2.4.3 tar Save to disk MD5 checksum
IBM AIX 4.2 2.4.3 tar Save to disk MD5 checksum
Windows 32 bit 2.4.3 setup.exe Save to disk MD5 checksum
OS/2 (Port by Thomas Bretz) 2.4.3 Visit
OS/2 (Port by Steffen Siebert) 2.2 Visit
Source Code for any other platform        
http-analyze Source Code (1.2 MB) 2.4.3 tar Save on disk MD5 checksum
Patch 4 for http-analyze (3 KB) 2.4.4 patch Save on disk MD5 checksum

Note: If you use a Linux distribution which is derived from any of the above but not named in the list, it is likely that some other package provided here is suitable for your distribution. A typical example is Knoppix, which is derived from Debian GNU/Linux. The provided package for Debian will run without problems on Knoppix.

Installation instructions

After downloading the package, login to root and install the software according to the scheme of your installer:

  • Installation using tar/makeinst
  • Installation using swmgr/inst on SGI IRIX
  • Installation using rpm on GNU/Linux
  • Installation using dpkg on GNU/Linux
  • Installation of the source code
  • Branding the software

    In the past registration and branding of the software was required. In statistics reports made with version 2.4, the button on the right still appears after installation of the software. To get rid of it, you can brand the software with a "master-key" "registration ID" as follows:

    Registration image 1 Registration image 2 Download both images on the left. Name them free-netstore_sb.png and free-netstore_sw.png.
    Open a shell window and execute the following command (substitute your name for Name):
    # http-analyze -r "Name" 168ATJZX358463F39323221A0E99 free

    Copyright © 1996-2011 by RENT-A-GURU™