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  1. I could install the analyzer on my Linux system, but if I try to execute it, the shell responds with not found. However, a ls shows that the file exists and has execution permissions set. What's going wrong?
    You are probably using an older version of http-analyze, which has been linked against an out-of-date C library. Please download the latest version of the software.
  2. Why does http-analyze print the warning message "Frames creation disabled due to missing buttons"?
    Did you install http-analyze in the default locations or otherwise did you use the environment variable HA_LIBDIR to tell http-analyze about customized location of the required support files? http-analyze needs certain button and image files which are usually located under /usr/local/lib/http-analyze/btn. They are installed in the statistics (output) directory of a web server by http-analyze automatically when the logfile for this server is being analyzed the first time.
  3. I am getting the error message "Invalid timestamp detected in line ...". What does this mean?
    This is caused by timestamps found in some Netscape Enterprise servers which feature the coolest invention since computers exist: They invented the 25th hour! Therefore, those servers can serve documents one hour longer per day than any other web server without generating additional costs! This is an excerpt from the logfile of such a server:
    xx - - [01/Sep/1997:24:17:04 +0200] "GET /foo HTTP/1.1" 200 8943
    xx - - [01/Sep/1997:24:17:27 +0200] "GET /bar HTTP/1.1" 200 2094
    xx - - [01/Sep/1997:00:17:26 +0200] "GET /foo HTTP/1.1" 200 8943
    xx - - [01/Sep/1997:24:17:38 +0200] "GET /bum HTTP/1.1" 200 1207
  4. The analyzer reports "No hits at all?!?", but if I look at the logfile, there are indeed a lot of entries.
    Did you restrict the analysis in some way using the IgnURL, IgnSite or DocRoot directive in the configuration file? If the latter, did you define an absolute pathname for the DocRoot parameter? It should be an URL just as it appears in the request (as for example, in GET /customer/) if (and only if) you want to restrict analysis to this part of your server. DocRoot should be left undefined to generate statistics for the whole server.
  5. When I execute http-analyze I receive the error message "Not enough memory -- need 50 more bytes" and the analyzer terminates. What can I do to avoid this?
    If your system does not support swapping/paging, you may need a fair amount of physical memory when processing huge logfiles. Either try to suppress some detailed lists from the report or run the analyzer on another system with enough (virtual) memory. In case of HP/UX, increase the stack and data regions for processes in the kernel's system tuning parameter table.

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