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  1. How do I install http-analyze?
  2. I can't become root on the system I am working on. Can I install the analyzer in some other directory?
  3. I can't get http-analyze compiled without errors. The compiler prints dozens of error messages and terminates.
  4. It seems that the software compiles fine, but the linking loader complains about undefined symbols strerror/gethostname/gettimeofday. Where can I find them?
  5. If I run make, it responds with the error message "/usr/sbin/cc is part of an optional package not installed on this platform" and terminates immediately. What's the deal with this?

Logfile rotation

  1. How can I analyze multiple virtual servers?
  2. The list of user agents and the list of referrer URLs are missing in the statistics report, although the server does indeed write both fields into the logfile.
  3. If I rotate a log file in the middle of the month after having done some monthly runs, and I do another monthly run afterwards, I lose everything in the first half of the current month! This means that I have to be very careful to rotate the logs immediately after 00:00 on the 1st of the month before doing any monthly reports. Doesn't http-analyze keep a history file?
  4. I rotate the logfiles on a monthly base, at the 1st of a new month shortly after midnight. When http-analyze is then run the first time, the previous month always gets deleted from the stats!
  5. What happens to the stats when I generate a full report for January 1st of a new year? Will the summary main page get overwritten, with January filled in and the rest empty, or will it retain the last year's statistics?
  6. It's the first day of a new month and the link to the detailed statistics disappeared suddenly!

Error messages

  1. I could install the analyzer on my Linux system, but if I try to execute it, the shell responds with "not found"...
  2. Why does http-analyze print the warning message "Frames creation disabled due to missing buttons"?
  3. I am getting the error message "Invalid timestamp detected in line ...". What does this mean?
  4. The analyzer reports "No hits at all?!?", but if I look at the logfile, there are indeed a lot of entries.
  5. When I execute http-analyze I receive the error message "Not enough memory -- need 50 more bytes" and the analyzer terminates. What can I do to avoid this?

Statistics report

  1. What are hits? What are 304's? How do they relate to the number of visitors my site receives?
  2. We are a client of »some web space provider«. Our statistics have not been updated since two weeks now! Please update our statistics as soon as possible.
  3. My graph has gone crazy and I don't know why! The representation indicates 200.000 hits in June while the actual number is lower than 50.000!
  4. There is a small bug on the summary page of the months (for example, Totals for January 1999), the graphics bars are not correct, On one graphic you have : 'Total hits' and 'Total files' (they are not separated), the second one also, etc... Do you have a solution for that?
  5. How can I add the new generic Top-Level-Domains so that http-analyze recognizes them?
  6. Are there any plans to track users on their way through the web site?

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