To add new top-level domains to http-analyze, just install an up-to-date TLD file. Since release of http-analyze 2.4, some country domains have been changed and the new generic top-level-domains .asia, .tel and .travel have been added. See our List of Top-Level-Domains for more information.


Developement of http-analyze started in 1996 as a statistics tool for the former website, which was built by RENT-A-GURU®. Since other partners and customers also requested a server statistics tool, the first public version of http-analyze numbered 1.9 appeared in early 1997 and has been replaced since then by 2.5 today. http-analyze reached a high quality standard and reliable long-term operation on servers with just one website as well as on huge website farms.

What is http-analyze?

http-analyze is a fast logfile analyzer for web servers. It runs very reliable on any platform conforming to the ANSI C and POSIX standards ranging from personal computers up to high-performance systems. The analyzer processes logfile data in three formats commonly used by web servers such as Apache, Netscape or Zeus and creates a comprehensive statistics report in tabular, graphical and three-dimensional form. Special adaptions to logfile formats not supported directly can be created easily by creating scripts which convert non-standard logfiles into the format http-analyze expects. The output files of the statistics report are in standard HTML format and therefore can be viewed using any web browser on any operating system.

High performance parser

http-analyze has been tuned for maximum performance. Using an high-speed parser and optimized algorithms such as pre-computing values for unique logfile patterns or using hash values, string length and reverse search functions for fast string comparisons, it works through even huge logfiles with maximum speed. By reading gzip-compressed logfiles directly about 80 to 85% of the disk-space required for storing logfiles can be saved. Sophisticated tools such as SGI's SpeedShop are used for performance tuning and to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.

Different user interfaces

http-analyze can create three interfaces (a conventional, a JavaScript- and a frames-based interface) according to your personal preferences for browsing the reports. The standard interface is frames-based and requires a graphical browser such as Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari or Konqueror. An alternate interface is available with and without an external JavaScript-based navigation panel. A third interface includes the navigation panel in the web page itself to avoid the need for JavaScript. While the JavaScript version of the UI requires a graphical browser, the conventional UI can be viewed with both, graphical and text-based web browsers (such as lynx). An optional VRML-interface contains a three-dimensional model of the »Hits by day« and »Hits by hour« bar charts. To view those models you need a VRML-enabled browser plugin such as CosmoPlayer.

Fully customizeable

http-analyze can be customized to almost any usage pattern, but if you are in hurry you can install and instantly use it without any set up required. By using a customized set-up it is possible to add new top-level domains, virtual hostnames, search engine keywords and much more. The level of detail in the statistics report can be defined among three different levels of verbosity. For integration of http-analyze in existing web interfaces, RENT-A-GURUŽ provides consulting and porting services starting from individual configuration up to an »all-in-one« statistics service on a high-performance server. For more information please send an email.

New license terms

http-analyze 2.4 is available for free in binary and in source code form. You can use all available packages made available on this web-site for free according to the terms set forth in the Personal License.

Professional statistics services and technical assistance are available on request. Dedicated high-performance statistics servers are also available from RENT-A-GURUŽ for commercial users. For details, please request a quote.

For more information about http-analyze see the description and the online documentation.

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