To add new top-level domains to http-analyze, just install an up-to-date TLD file. Since release of http-analyze 2.4, some country domains have been changed and the new generic top-level-domains .asia, .tel and .travel have been added. See our List of Top-Level-Domains for more information.


Developement of http-analyze started in 1996 as a statistics tool for the former website, which was built by RENT-A-GURU®. Since other partners and customers also requested a server statistics tool, the first public version of http-analyze numbered 1.9 appeared in early 1997 and has been replaced since then by 2.5 today. http-analyze reached a high quality standard and reliable long-term operation on servers with just one website as well as on huge website farms.

This is the original free Personal License as included in http-analyze 2.4. Please read the terms in this license agreement carefully. Use of http-analyze indicates your acceptance of this license agreement. For commercial licensing please contact us. RENT-A-GURU® has exclusive licensing rights for use of http-analyze for commercial purposes.

Personal License

This license applies to the computer program(s) known as http-analyze. The term »program« used in this license agreement refers to such program including all output files (HTML files, VRML files, image files) it generates, and the term »work based on the program« means either the program or any derivative work of the program including its output files, such as a translation into another language, extending the program's functionality, use of parts of the program or its output files or any modification of the program or its output files. The program is a copyrigthed work whose copyright is held by Stefan Stapelberg of RENT-A-GURU® (the »licensor«).

1. License terms

Licensor hereby grants you the following rights, provided that you comply with all of the restrictions set forth in this license and provided further, that you distribute an unmodified copy of this license with the program:

(a) You may copy and distribute the program's unaltered source code worldwide via any medium. Any distribution of the program or any programs containing source code of http-analyze as well as any output created with the program must contain an appropriate credit and all additional materials included with the original distribution, including the unaltered license agreement.

(b) You may use the program for non-commercial purposes only, meaning that the program must not be sold commercially as a separate product, as part of another product (bundled software) or project, or used by service providers to provide statistics services to their webspace customers, or otherwise used for financial gain without a separate Commercial Service License. Please see section 2, Restrictions, for details.

(c) You may build derived versions of this software under the restrictions stated in section 2 (Restrictions) of this license. The derived versions must be clearly marked as such and must be called by a name other than http-analyze.

  1. All derived versions of the program must be made freely available under the terms of this license. RENT-A-GURU® must be given the right to use the modified source code in their products without any compensation and without being required to separately name the parties whose modifications are being used.
  2. Credit for http-analyze must be given to RENT-A-GURU® in all derived works and in all HTML and/or VRML output files created by the derived work. This does not affect your ownership of the derived work or the statistics reports itself, and the intent is to assure proper credit for RENT-A-GURU®, not to interfere with your use of this derived work.

2. Restrictions

(a) Distribution of the program or any work based on the program by a commercial organization to any third party is prohibited if any payment is made in connection with such distribution, whether directly (as in payment for a copy of the program) or indirectly (as in payment for some service related to the program, or payment for some product or service that includes a copy of the program without charge, or payment for some product or service the delivery of which requires for the recipient to retrieve/download or otherwise obtain a copy of the program; these are only examples, and not an exhaustive enumeration of prohibited activities).

As an exception to the above rule, putting this program on CD-ROMs containing other free software is explicitly permitted even when a modest distribution fee is charged for the CD, as long as this software is not a primary selling argument for the CD. Two CDs must be sent to RENT-A-GURU® without having RENT-A-GURU® requesting it.

(b) You may not change the essential layout of the HTML and/or VRML output files the program generates, except for those parts which can be changed by using the appropriate settings in the configuration file or via command line options. The Copyright notice and the link to the homepage of http-analyze as produced by the program must remain intact in all HTML and/or VRML output files created by the program and must be included in all HTML and/or VRML output files created by work based on the program.

(c) Activities other than copying, distribution and modification of the program are not subject to this license and they are outside its scope. Functional use (running) of the program is not restricted.

(d) You must meet all of the following conditions with respect to the distribution of any work based on the program:

  1. All modified versions of the program, must carry prominent notice stating that the program has been modified. The notice must indicate who made the modifications and how the program's files were modified and the date of any change;
  2. You must cause any work that you distribute or publish, that in whole or in part contains or is derived from the program or any part thereof, to be licensed as a whole and at no charge to all third parties under the terms of this license;
  3. You must cause the program, at each time it commences operation, to print or display an announcement including an appropriate copyright notice and a notice that there is no warranty. The notice must also tell the user how to view the copy of the license included with the program, and state that users may redistribute the program only under the terms of this License;
  4. You must accompany any such work based on the program with the complete corresponding machine-readable source code, delivered on a medium customarily used for software interchange. The source code for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it;
  5. If you distribute any written or printed material at all with the program or any work based on the program, such material must include either a written copy of this license, or a prominent written indication that the program or the work based on the program is covered by this license and written instructions for printing and/or displaying the copy of the License on the distribution medium;
  6. You may not change the terms in this License or impose any further restrictions on the recipient's exercise of the rights granted herein.

3. Reservation of Rights

No rights are granted except as expressly set forth herein. You may not copy, modify, sublicense, or distribute the program or any parts of the HTML output files the program generates, except as expressly provided under this license. Any attempt otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense or distribute the program or the HTML output files as a whole or in parts is void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this license. However, parties who have received copies, or rights, from you under this license will not have their licenses terminated as long as such parties remain in full compliance with the license.

RENT-A-GURU® has the right to terminate this license immediately by written notice upon Licensee's breach of, or non-compliance with any of its terms. Licensee may be held legally responsible for any copyright infringement that is caused or encouraged by licensee's failure to abide by the terms of this license.

4. Limitations

The program is provided »as is« without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Use at your own risk. In no event unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing will any copyright holder, or any other party who may use, modify and/or redistribute the program as permitted above, be liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the program (including but not limited to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses sustained by you or third parties or a failure of the program to operate with any other programs), even if such holder or other party has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Because under the non-commercial license the program is free of charge, RENT-A-GURU® does not support it nor assist in its usage.

5. General

Some of the source code aggregated with this distribution is licensed by third parties under different terms, so the restrictions above may not apply to such components. As far as we know, all included source code is used in accordance with the relevant license agreements and can be used and distributed freely for any purpose; see below for details.

Some functions in the file utils.c are owned by the Regents of the University of California, and can be freely used and distributed. License terms are included in the file utils.c.

The program uses the GD image library by Thomas Boutell, which is not included in the distribution of http-analyze, but which is required to compile the software. The following copyrights and credits apply for gd1.7.3, which has been used for http-analyze 2.4:

Portions copyright 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Funded under Grant P41-RR02188 by the National Institutes of Health.
Portions copyright 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, by Boutell.Com, Inc.
Portions relating to GD2 format copyright 1999 Philip Warner.
Portions relating to PNG copyright 1999, Greg Roelofs.
Portions relating to libttf copyright 1999, John Ellson (
Permission has been granted to copy and distribute gd in any context without fee, including a commercial application, provided that this notice is present in user-accessible supporting documentation.
This does not affect your ownership of the derived work itself, and the intent is to assure proper credit for the authors of gd, not to interfere with your productive use of gd. If you have questions, ask. "Derived works" includes all programs that utilize the library. Credit must be given in user-accessible documentation.
This software is provided "AS IS." The copyright holders disclaim all warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to this code and accompanying documentation.
Although their code does not appear in gd 1.7.3, the authors wish to thank David Koblas, David Rowley, and Hutchison Avenue Software Corporation for their prior contributions.

Copyright © 1996-2008 by RENT-A-GURU®