We offer technical assistance in setting up http-analyze on your server, virtual statistics services on our servers and dedicated ready-to-use log analysis systems running on Linux or SGI IRIX.

Technical assistance in setting up http-analyze on your server

If you need assistance in setting up an analyzer environment on your web server hosting platform, please contact us. All we need to install such an environment on any Unix-based server is remote access to this system through a secure shell channel. Please note that we only support setups on Unix-/Linux-based systems.

Virtual statistics services

For customers who wish a complete statistics service performed on our servers we offer a virtual statistics service. The logfiles are synchronized over the network and statistics reports are created and published through our site, therefore taking away the load of creating statistics from your web server. If you need virtual statistics services, please contact us.

Dedicated logfile analysis servers

If you need to frequently analyze the logfiles of thousands of virtual web sites, a dedicated server is the best way to accomplish this. With our experience in assembling logfile analysis servers for huge sites we offer scalable solutions, which are able to grow as your enterprise grows. To get a quote for a dedicated logfile analysis server, please contact us.

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